About Me


I do software Product Management, informed by past experience as a technical, professional services and market research consultant.

My resume is divided across these disciplines. I think it gives me an advantage because agile PM demands versatility. The job boils down to...

  1. Understanding customer and market problems.
  2. Designing features to solve them.
  3. Working with engineers to build the product.
  4. Delivering it to market, getting feedback, improving it.

A PM needs research skills to do #1 and #4 well. For #2, it helps to know services methods (discovery, solutioning). And a technical background is a strong asset if #3 involves data-driven features.

The applications I've worked with for profit and fun include:

  • SQL: MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL
  • Linux server administration: Debian/Ubuntu, LAMP/LEMP stacks, KVM/LXC, SSH/Rsync
  • Programming languages: Python, Bash shell
  • Development tools: Git, Visual Studio Code
  • Business software: JIRA, Salesforce, Aha, Asana, Trello, Google Docs, Microsoft Office
  • Hobbyist projects: data science, virtualization & containers, video/audio transcoding

You can reach me on LinkedIn.